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Transportation Security Administration



North Syracuse - The Transportation Security Administration has implemented a new procedure affecting those passengers attempting to transport a crematory container on airplanes as carry-on baggage. Any family traveling by air with cremated remains will be affected by this new ruling.


As before the ruling, passengers are still allowed to carry on a crematory container, but it must pass through the x-ray machine. If an urn is made of metal or is metal lined, the x-rayed image will show up as opaque preventing the security screener from being able to view the contents. Not being able to detect the materials in the container is clearly a risk to security. In respect to the deceased, under no circumstances will the security screener open the container even if the passenger requests that this be done.  The container that cannot pass gate side security will be sent on for further screening and if deemed safe, will be checked in the belly of the plane.


The Fergerson Funeral Home has partnered with the TSA to assist families who need to travel with cremated remains either to or from Syracuse’s Hancock Airport. Fergerson can provide a TSA compliant container for the cremated remains so families can be assured that they will have no problem carrying on cremated remains as they pass through airport security. They carry a line of containers that are TSA approved and designed specifically for air travel and meet the requirements for passenger to carry the remains of their loved-one on the plane.


For information about the Transportation Security Administration procedures visit them online at www.tsatraveltips.us and click on “Air Travel” and then “Transporting Special Items”. Also, you may call the TSA call center at 866-289-9673. To contact the Fergerson Funeral Home call 315-458-1970.