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Always family owned and operated

Parlor and Offices

Parlor And Offices


This Home Was a Wedding Gift To My Grandfather in 1906

Casket Selection Rooms

We have Casket Selection Rooms Here


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Be sure to click on our map (below). We are located in the center of the Village of North Syracuse, on land held by our family since 1826.

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Ash Can Embossed Sand Logo  Awning Logo (Front and Back Entrances)  Concrete Logo (Off Parking Lot)

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Employee Tie Jacquard Woven Logos and "Fergerson"  Barrier Tape (note logo on top too)  Golf Shirt Logo

Rug Logo  Front Sign (at night)  Close up of the Sign Logo

We are SCUBA divers   We provide umbrellas if it rains.  Reflective logo sticker  

Fred is a pilot


Thank you for stopping by...if you have any questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate to call us at 315-458-1970. We are the only family owned funeral home in North Syracuse.

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Our family has owned this land since 1826


Korean Cherry Trees In Full Bloom (Gone Now)    New Sign and Less Trees - More Parking!

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