IT IS YOUR RIGHT, and our desire, that you have a complete understanding of the cost of the services we provide.

We do everything in our ability to keep the cost of those services to a minimum, we also know that some expense is necessary to provide the quality service for which we are known.

The biggest factor is the time element in terms of our personnel and the use of the funeral home facilities. The maintenance of this service is unending. Like a police or fire department, we must be available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Unlike a police or fire department however, we don't have the luxury of rotating shifts. Therefore, ours is a 168-hour work week.fil

National studies have shown that it takes an average of 92 staff-hours to properly conduct one funeral. Even services completed in three days (72 hours) will demand the 92 hours to arrange, supervise, conduct and process.

We take pride in the personal care, commitment and direction we provide to our families. When you call Fergerson's - we want you to get a Fergerson.

Many aspects of our work are apparent, others are not. No two funerals are exactly alike. Traditions, customs, personal feeling, financial ability and a multitude of other influences affect each funeral. Our services must and do conform to each individual family's wishes and their personal and religious needs.

Fred, Pat & Bill Fergerson

The following is a partial listing of the professional services which we at Fergerson Funeral Home, Inc. routinely provide:




As in any other business, we have overhead to meet. We have the usual taxes, utilities, insurance, maintenance and office expenses. In addition, we are assessed many state and federal professional licensing fees.

We also maintain a modern surgical facility with a specialized inventory of instruments, chemicals and other items to professionally answer any need or request.

We respond immediately to any emergency call 24 hours a day, thanks to the most state-of-the-art communications system available.

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